Early days

picsart_09-12-11-41-34So I’ve been reading so many blogs lately and I found that it’s quite fun pouring out your thougts so that you can reminisce it later. I noticed that  I always share my thoughts in long paragraphs via wechat — that I think people might get annoyed with me hehe. I cant keep this voice in my head to myself. Well we all have that one voice and sometimes it split into two! Haha.

So that is the reason I am starting a blog — to channel my thoughts through the right medium 😊 well at least I have something to laugh at myself in future when I dig down the blog 😂 like how I did when I scrolled down my timeline in fb. Geez whos that girl who post a picture saying :

Name :

Favourite colour :



And loads of craps 😂😂 I deleted some of it though. Can’t bear with the.. umm.. aaa.

I dont want to say it but its kinda ‘stupid’. And cheesy. Gahhh.

So here I am on a Raya Haji with a basic simple blog with high hopes that I will keep the consistency in blogging. 🌷



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