I hate it how people compare between two person. Especially when one of those person is me. And the other is someone close to me.

‘She’s prettier/cleverer/(insert whatever you need to judge)’ ‘She’s so not like the other..’ ‘Why isnt she like that?..’ ‘They’re totally different..’ ‘She should’ve been like this..’

bla bla bla…

Listening to these sentences just breaks my heart over and over again — whether I’m labelled as ‘the good one’ or not. Heck. Why on earth do you have to compare? We’re totally fine with the differences before you point them out and make we see it as something so bad.

Don’t you see it? You’re stealing our happiness away. You make us feel inferior; insecure with our own selves. You make us count our flaws and be less grateful.

Can’t you accept it that everyone differs from another? We’re special in our own way. We’re not going to live in other people’s shadow and not having the dream to grow bigger. We live for our own goals and not just to please your eyes.

I beg you the ‘compare-er’, can you please stop? If you could see the pieces of heart that broke, and how long it would take to recover, surely you will say nothing but good words.

After all, we’re just the same.

An apple can never be an orange; and an orange can never be an apple.

Disclaimer : I know in some cases, comparing is good because it leads to self-improvement. But in this case, it’s all about making one feel less confident in his/her own skin. Comparing would be better if it’s between the old you and the new you; not between two person.

Am looking forward for better days ahead 🙂


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