Kiki’s Revolution

Introducing my cat, Kiki

So last 2 weeks, Kiki had given birth to 4 cute kittens but unfortunately 1 died.

Anyways that’s not the main purpose of this post.

It has been like a habit for me to give other names to my cats apart from the official name that I gave them before. I couldn’t resist their cuteness and thus had led me to say weird names out of my concious and they eventually became like a ‘nickname’.

I don’t usually call her by the name Kiki, but I would playfully call her ‘Mishi’ , ‘Rocky’ , ‘Kushi’ and many more. But apparently, the name ‘Mishi’ comes out often rather than the other.

One fine day, I was calling her by the name Mishi but she didn’t respond to me! ‘Such a snob this cat.’

Then I began to find other names for her and suddenly my mouth uttered, “Ashikin!” (Still sounds a bit like Mishi btw 😂). She seemed fine with the  name.

I told my dad, “From this moment, her name is Ashikin..”

And my dad replied, “Laila Ashikin” followed by some unknown rhythm.

Ok my dad wins.

From now on, she is officially known as Laila Ashikin.

*it’s commonly the name for human tho 😂😂😂



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