Moles : Position and Meaning

I was just scrolling through my feed in fb and found an article on meaning behind the position of our moles.

‘Ok so if it’s on the nose it means kind-hearted (but I dont have it there 😂)’ – I read them one by one intently while remembering where are my moles positioned.

From the head, neck, chest & shoulders , then finally to the hands. Oohhh I have two!

On the right hand : It means you’re good at keeping your wealth.

On the left hand : You’re a spendthrift

Ok I have one on my left and one on my right hand. So I’m equal then? Yayy 😁 I’m good at keeping my money then I use them. Right?

Then something crossed my mind when I looked at my palms again.


Omg the left one is bolder than the right one.

Then I’m prone to spendthrift right?

The ugly truth.



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