Moles : Position and Meaning

I was just scrolling through my feed in fb and found an article on meaning behind the position of our moles.

‘Ok so if it’s on the nose it means kind-hearted (but I dont have it there 😂)’ – I read them one by one intently while remembering where are my moles positioned.

From the head, neck, chest & shoulders , then finally to the hands. Oohhh I have two!

On the right hand : It means you’re good at keeping your wealth.

On the left hand : You’re a spendthrift

Ok I have one on my left and one on my right hand. So I’m equal then? Yayy 😁 I’m good at keeping my money then I use them. Right?

Then something crossed my mind when I looked at my palms again.


Omg the left one is bolder than the right one.

Then I’m prone to spendthrift right?

The ugly truth.



Kiki’s Revolution

Introducing my cat, Kiki

So last 2 weeks, Kiki had given birth to 4 cute kittens but unfortunately 1 died.

Anyways that’s not the main purpose of this post.

It has been like a habit for me to give other names to my cats apart from the official name that I gave them before. I couldn’t resist their cuteness and thus had led me to say weird names out of my concious and they eventually became like a ‘nickname’.

I don’t usually call her by the name Kiki, but I would playfully call her ‘Mishi’ , ‘Rocky’ , ‘Kushi’ and many more. But apparently, the name ‘Mishi’ comes out often rather than the other.

One fine day, I was calling her by the name Mishi but she didn’t respond to me! ‘Such a snob this cat.’

Then I began to find other names for her and suddenly my mouth uttered, “Ashikin!” (Still sounds a bit like Mishi btw 😂). She seemed fine with the  name.

I told my dad, “From this moment, her name is Ashikin..”

And my dad replied, “Laila Ashikin” followed by some unknown rhythm.

Ok my dad wins.

From now on, she is officially known as Laila Ashikin.

*it’s commonly the name for human tho 😂😂😂



I hate it how people compare between two person. Especially when one of those person is me. And the other is someone close to me.

‘She’s prettier/cleverer/(insert whatever you need to judge)’ ‘She’s so not like the other..’ ‘Why isnt she like that?..’ ‘They’re totally different..’ ‘She should’ve been like this..’

bla bla bla…

Listening to these sentences just breaks my heart over and over again — whether I’m labelled as ‘the good one’ or not. Heck. Why on earth do you have to compare? We’re totally fine with the differences before you point them out and make we see it as something so bad.

Don’t you see it? You’re stealing our happiness away. You make us feel inferior; insecure with our own selves. You make us count our flaws and be less grateful.

Can’t you accept it that everyone differs from another? We’re special in our own way. We’re not going to live in other people’s shadow and not having the dream to grow bigger. We live for our own goals and not just to please your eyes.

I beg you the ‘compare-er’, can you please stop? If you could see the pieces of heart that broke, and how long it would take to recover, surely you will say nothing but good words.

After all, we’re just the same.

An apple can never be an orange; and an orange can never be an apple.

Disclaimer : I know in some cases, comparing is good because it leads to self-improvement. But in this case, it’s all about making one feel less confident in his/her own skin. Comparing would be better if it’s between the old you and the new you; not between two person.

Am looking forward for better days ahead 🙂

Couch Potato


Literally a couch potato

Raya Haji is definitely all about eating *rubs belly* Sigh. All these puluts in lemang and ketupat are making me extremely sleepy, thus my sleep cycle is now tunggang terbalik.

It’s very hard to lift myself up from the couch in front of the tv because of the heaviness (due to the loads of eating 😂). I feel even lazier to do my SPM English worksheet.

But wait. I’m a potato. Potatoes dont go to school, do they?

No school = no homework

Omg I’m so smart liddattt.

Ha-ha. The teacher will kick me if I say it like that.

Ok next on my to do list is to move my limb and finish the worksheet. Gahh




Early days

picsart_09-12-11-41-34So I’ve been reading so many blogs lately and I found that it’s quite fun pouring out your thougts so that you can reminisce it later. I noticed that  I always share my thoughts in long paragraphs via wechat — that I think people might get annoyed with me hehe. I cant keep this voice in my head to myself. Well we all have that one voice and sometimes it split into two! Haha.

So that is the reason I am starting a blog — to channel my thoughts through the right medium 😊 well at least I have something to laugh at myself in future when I dig down the blog 😂 like how I did when I scrolled down my timeline in fb. Geez whos that girl who post a picture saying :

Name :

Favourite colour :



And loads of craps 😂😂 I deleted some of it though. Can’t bear with the.. umm.. aaa.

I dont want to say it but its kinda ‘stupid’. And cheesy. Gahhh.

So here I am on a Raya Haji with a basic simple blog with high hopes that I will keep the consistency in blogging. 🌷